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    2013 Fortronic Xi’an, West China
    Fortronic goes to China
    Xi’an, 29/08/2013 - 30/08/2013


    2013 Fortronic Xi’an, West China

    Xi’an Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Xi’an,
    Shaanxi Province

    RF& Wireless - 29 August

    Power & Power Managemnet - 30 August



    2013 Fortronic Xi'an

    2013 Fortronic Xi’an is a 2-day event devoted to wireless design and related power electronics technologies. It creates a new format for technological communications between demand and supply along the electronics design and supply chain.

    It is structured into a series of conferences, tutorials, technical workshops and a demo area. As at every Fortronic event, Fortronic China benefits from a technical committee which guarantees the quality of the


    Our audience:

    300-500 Design Engineers, R&D managers from OEM and research institutes with focus on wireless, industrial, smart grid and power applications.


    Fortronic was originally created by Assodel and aims to achieve a match between ‘offer and demand’, saving company time and costs through short, focused meetings.

    Thanks to strong support from Assodel and IDEA, Fortronic China will take place in Xi’an, in the west of China to serve local design engineers with latest technology solutions and improve their design efficiency.



    Plenary Session
    Morning Institutional conference with 20 minute speaking slots coordinated by a Technical Director in order to effectively present hot and current technical and application topics.



    Workshop and Educational
    Afternoon technical workshop dedicated both to the depth required by a single sponsor company as well as to
    transfer the practical skills to participants




    Community Area
    All day relationship area between supply and demand with demo and table top displays to make the
    communications effective.



    Why Fortronic Xi’an?

    Xi’an is the electronics design and manufacturing hub for industrial, military and smart grid apps which host the rapidly increasing demand for RF, wireless and power electronic technologies. With recent cost increases and the human resource hunger of coastal cities, top OEMs are extending R&D and manufacturing sites in Xi’an to enjoy rich university/research institute resources and low labor costs. This event addresses today’s combined electronics demand—industry + commercial markets.


    Organizer: CNT Networks, China Outlook Consulting
    Co-Organizer: Xi’an Hi-Tech Industrial Park Committee
    Supporting Organization:
    China Electronics Distributor Alliance, Assodel, IDEA
    China Electronics Academic Institute, China Power Electric Association


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